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Owners Who Got Evicted Left Dogs Behind To Die

Owning a Pet

Owing a pet is a tremendous responsibility. It is up to you to make sure that your pet is happy and healthy. Your pet needs to be fed regularly, he needs water, and most of all, he needs love and attention. Most people love their pets the same way they love their own children. Unfortunately, there are others who don’t. There are millions of pets each year who are abused, neglected, or abandoned. The way that these people harm innocent animals is reprehensible. In some cases, the owners are punished for their misdeeds. Sadly, some owners never get caught.

The Guardians

The Guardians is a group of men and women who love animals, and they make it their mission to help pets in need. They are a non-profit group who works closely with shelters, foster programs, and other organizations who are dedicated to pets and their well being. Frankie Florida is a member of the guardians. He often gets calls about neglected animals, and he does what he can to help.

The Call

Frankie got a call one day from a woman. She told them that her neighbors were evicted a few weeks earlier. She watched her neighbors move everything out of the house, but she never saw them leave with their dogs. In the days since they left the apartment, the woman has been hearing their dogs barking and crying. She said that it was apparent that the dogs were left in the apartment alone. The caller told Frankie that she had been throwing food in the window of the apartment, hoping that it would help, but she knew that the dogs needed more help than she could give.

The Scene

Frankie and his crew got in contact with the owner of the building and told him what was going on. He explained to the owner that he needed access to the apartment so that he could get the dogs out and find them new homes. When Frankie and his crew got to the apartment, the owner was there waiting. He unlocked the door and let the team inside. What they saw was horrifying. There were two pit bulls in the apartment. The female was locked in a cage, covered in urine and feces. It was clear that she hadn’t had anything to eat or drink in quite a while. There was also a male in the apartment, and he was running around the apartment. There were feces and urine all over the floor. The food that the neighbor was throwing in the window was gone, which led Frankie to believe that the male dog had eaten it. The scraps the woman was leaving wasn’t enough, and he didn’t have access to water. There were dishes on the floor, but they were bone dry. Both dogs were in desperate need of medical attention.

Gaining Their Trust

When Frankie and his crew entered the apartment, he could tell right away that the dogs were frightened. They were cowering in the corner, and wouldn’t approach the group. Frankie slowly approached the dogs and began petting them. He wanted the dogs to trust him so that he could get them safely out of the house. He had some dog treats with him, and as soon as he gave a few to the dogs, he had earned their trust. They followed him out of the house and into the Guardian’s van. After loading the dogs up, they took them straight to the vet.

Medical Attention

When Frankie got the dogs to the vet, he was told that they were both dangerously dehydrated and malnourished. The vet had to start both dogs on an IV to dehydrate them quickly. They told Frankie that the dogs would need to stay there until they regained their strength. Frankie thanked the vet and set out to find the dogs a place to go when they were discharged from the vet.

Sky and Max

Frankie called the female dog, Sky, and the male dog, Max. After making just one phone call, he found Sky a forever home. He made a few more calls, and he found Max a family who was willing to foster him. They told Frankie that if things went well, and if Max could get along with the other pets in the house, that they would make their home his forever home.

The Owners

The landlord of the building where the dogs were left behind, contacted the police to file a report. He told them that he wasn’t sure where his former tenants went after they were evicted, but he gave them the name of the owners who got evicted left dogs behind to die. Hopefully, they will be arrested for animals neglect, abandonment, and cruelty, and they will be forced to pay for their crimes.

A Hero

This is a horrible story, but there are two heroes. The woman who made the call and tried to save the dogs, and Frankie and their organization. If it weren’t for their organization, both dogs would have died in that apartment.


If you believe in what the Guardians do for pets in need, visit their website at They can always use donations to help pay for the medical treatment and other care that these rescued animals need.

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