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Mom Catches Target Employee Having Face Off With Her Daughter And Runs For Her Camera

Shopping With Children

Anyone who has ever gone grocery shopping with young children knows how difficult it can be. Young children get bored very easily, often after getting to the end of the first aisle in the supermarket. Most parents don’t want to pay a babysitter just to go shopping, so they try to muster as much patience as possible, get the kids ready, and head to the supermarket.

Hit Or Miss

A grocery shopping outing with children can be hit or miss and you may not know what you will get before you begin shopping. Some kids will sit quietly in the carriage as long as you put something special in the cart for them. Other children will yell, scream, and have a complete meltdown regardless of what you offer to buy for them. When this happens, it can be embarrassing. Shoppers and employees will often stare if your child is having a meltdown. Some people will snicker and make rude comments. These are the people who don’t have young children so they don’t understand how stressful it can be. This is something that a mother named Stefanie knows all too well.

Stefanie and Evallyn

Stefanie had to go grocery shopping at Target and she was bringing her 2-year-old daughter, Evallyn, with her. Evallyn wasn’t always cooperative when they shopped so she wasn’t looking forward to the shopping trip that day. It wasn’t that Evallyn was a bad kid, she just didn’t like sitting in the car while Mom shopped. This isn’t very uncommon.

Buying Toys

Stefanie hoped that if she bought her daughter a few of her favorite toys that she would behave while she did the food shopping. The two went down each of the toy aisles and Evallyn was allowed to choose a few inexpensive toys. Stefanie was sure that if her daughter was happy that she would be able to have an uneventful trip to Target. Unfortunately, she was wrong.

Things Fell Apart

Stefanie was happy that Evallyn was behaving when she started shopping for food. Unfortunately, her good behavior didn’t last. It wasn’t long before the little girl was acting up and crying. It was the reason that Stefanie didn’t want to take the trip to Target in the first place. Fortunately, a guardian angel came by and calmed the little girl down. Stefanie was able to get the whole thing on video.

AJ the Guardian Angel

AJ is an employee at Target. She had been working at the store for a while and seeing kids having temper tantrums was nothing new to her. When Stefani and Evallyn walked by her, AJ knew that Stefani needed a bit of help. She thought that Evallyn was adorable but she was becoming restless. She decided to jump in and do something to help the young mother.

The Dance Off

When AJ saw Evallyn getting restless, she went over to the little girl and challenged her to a dance off. Stefanie was standing by watching, beaming with pride. She quickly took out her phone so that she could get the whole thing on tape. Mom catches Target employee having face off with her daughter and runs for her camera. AJ started doing crazy dance moves and Evallyn did the same. After the first dance-off, AJ asked her if she wanted to go again. Evallyn happily accepted.

The Audience

AJ and Evallyn were so focused on their dance competition that they didn’t realize that customers were walking by, watching their moves. This didn’t bother AJ at all and she just kept on dancing. AJ was complimenting the little girl on her dance moves and this made her beam with pride.

A Viral Video

When the dance party came to an end, AJ went back to work and Stefanie and Evallyn finished shopping. The little girl was so happy that she got to show off her moves that she was very well-behaved for the rest of the shopping trip. When Stefanie got home, she posted the video of the dance-off on Facebook. It wasn’t long before the video went viral and The Patch picked up the story.

AJ Responds

When The Patch saw the viral video, they reached out to Stefanie to hear the whole story about what happened that day at Target. They also reached out to AJ. Shortly after, AJ reached out to Stefanie on Facebook and she let her know that she was up for another dance off. She wrote, “I’m so happy to have helped in just a little way. I hope to see you guys again soon for another dance party!”

YouTube Description

Shopping with young children is never easy. Regardless of how well-behaved your child is, they can get bored and start acting out. The woman who recorded this incident knows all too well how hard it can be shopping with young children. On this day, her daughter was acting out at Target when an employee came over to the little girl. When the little girl’s mother saw this, she hurried and reached for her phone. She wanted to get the whole thing on video.

What the employee did for the young girl’s mother that day was amazing. This video is proof that there are people in the world who are willing to go the extra mile for a stranger who appears to need help. The video is worth watching, and it will warm your heart.

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