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Photos From Late Night Talk Shows for Adult Eyes Only

One of the most enjoyable genres of American television is the late night talk show. They are an American cultural institution that has traveled across the globe but still remains an important part of the American lexicon, perspective, and way of life.

In fact, you might remember asking your parents if you could stay up late to watch a late night talk show with them. From Dick Cavett to Jimmy Fallon, we just can’t seem to get enough of late night talk shows.

And yet, there are times when your parents likely wished they hadn’t let you watch the late night talk show.

Without question, late night talk shows have had their controversial moments and ones that we’d perhaps want to forget – but absolutely cannot!

Join FactsVerse to check out some photos from late night talk shows for adult eyes only…


On June 9, 1987, Madonna appeared on the The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson to discuss her career. While we’re used to Madonna being one of our biggest stars today, you’d have to have lived in the 80s to know just how big of a deal she was. She was at the height of her career and not only was she loved for her music but also her beauty, wit, and charm.

During the interview, she often made Johnny Carson blush due to her charm and flirtatiousness.

He was completely taken with her beauty and the episode was slightly controversial due to their large age difference. Madonna was also married to actor Sean Penn at the time and their troubled relationship would become the subject of the tabloids and would bring about controversies of their own.

While we are perhaps used to seeing late night talk shows have their hosts flirting with female guests it was unusual in the 1980s to see a female guest flirt with the host so freely!

The episode is still one of the most famous episodes of the show and fans love watching Madonna flirt and seeing Johnny Carson being at an almost loss for words while she charms him.



But before Madonna charmed Johnny Carson, Adrienne Barbeau sent him reeling back in 1974.

The episode was filmed on December 12, 1974, so naturally, discussing Christmas was one of the many things that were discussed on the show. When Johnny asked her about receiving presents, she made the offhand statement that she would receive lots of presents due to her ‘multiple lovers.’

While perhaps not a shocking statement to make today, this was quite a bold statement to make back in 1974. Adrienne Barbeau was a sex symbol, and she was indeed desired by many men.

Johnny clearly wasn’t interested in what type of presents would be wrapped up but he was interested in exactly who these multiple lovers were. Ever the lady, Adrienne Barbeau didn’t name names – much to Johnny’s chagrin.

But who can blame her for having multiple lovers? Without a doubt, she certainly had and still has multiple admirers who’d love to send her presents each Christmas.



Of course, the greatest things about late night talk shows were the chats. Perhaps the master of the intellectual chat format was Dick Cavett who had a variety of different guests and wasn’t afraid to discuss challenging topics.

He interviewed actor Marlon Brando which wouldn’t have seemed to be controversial, but the actor, though one of the finest actors of his generation and of all-time, wasn’t really interested in discussing his career much.

He was mostly interested in discussing activism, particularly the treatment of Native Americans at the time. He discussed the controversy when he refused to accept his Oscar for The Godfather and instead sent Sacheen Littlefeather to accept it and to discuss the attacks on native peoples.

He discussed how he felt about social and political issues in the USA and this caused quite a stir at the time.

But it wasn’t just American guests who Dick Cavett hosted and who riled up audiences. He also interviewed the prominent British politician Enoch Powell. At the time, Powell was expressing his concern about the high levels of immigration to the UK from peoples of vastly different cultures and who were from former British colonies.

Naturally, this was an uncomfortable topic for many and one that we couldn’t imagine being discussed politely on today’s late night talk shows. Dick Cavett was polite to Mr. Powell, though his other guest, Jonathan Winters often challenged Mr. Powell on his views. The interview is arguably one of the highlights of late night talk shows – though certainly for adult eyes and ears only!


Dave Letterman will likely never forget the birthday on February 22, 1995. But it wasn’t his birthday that he was celebrating, rather it was Drew Barrymore’s birthday.

During the interview, which was recorded on her birthday but was released 2 months later, she was very flirtatious with Dave during the whole episode. She took hold of the reigns in the interview and continued to flirt with him again and again, not worrying about their age difference and how uncomfortable and shy he became.

In the middle of the interview, music began playing and she jumped on his desk and started dancing. The dancing on the desk itself seemed outrageous for the time but then all of a sudden, Drew Barrymore lifted up her t-shirt and exposed her bare breasts to Dave Letterman – and the cameras managed to catch it!

This remains one of the most shocking and perhaps most watched episodes in the history of the show and it’s one of the reasons why many parents were cautious of letting their kids watch late night talk shows – you never knew what was going to happen!


Alright, let’s get back to Dick Cavett’s show again.

If there are photos from late night talk shows for adult eyes only, then it’s from his interview with Raquel Welch. She was known for her performances in films where she often bared parts of her body and showed off her sexiness.

She did precisely that in her interview with Dick Cavett on August 2nd, 1972. She was wearing a dress that showed off her midriff and her long legs. Needless, to say, some audience members weren’t really paying attention to Dick Cavett’s questions or her answers.

But what was wonderful about this interview was about how classy she was. She was sexy without flaunting too much and without being too immodest. This is likely one of the best interviews she ever did and Dick Cavett was always the professional who knew how to focus on the interview, even when faced with a beautiful lady who one couldn’t look away from.


Talk show host David Susskind had a reputation for discussing difficult topics on his own show. When he was a guest on someone else’s show – there was no difference.

If you look at photos between David Susskind and Germaine Greer on Dick Cavett’s show, they might frighten you – so they’re certainly for adult eyes only. This is because Germaine Greer, the famed feminist, was expressing her views which David Susskind didn’t agree with.

Overall, however, the interview and debate was rather polite – not what we’re used to seeing together. But, there was a clash and perhaps this discussion was a catalyst of the huge culture war debates we’d see decades later.


When Johnny Carson wasn’t available, he’d have guest hosts on his show. One host was Joan Rivers who wasn’t afraid to speak her mind and be provocative.

And on one such episode, released in the 1980s, Joan Rivers had the enchanting Elvira as a guest. Elvira was, as expected, dressed in a sexy outfit and even Joan Rivers blushed. One wonders what would have happened if Johnny Carson saw Elvira!

Elvira showed off her legs and her midriff and Joan Rivers commented on how amazing Elvira’s cleavage was.

But Elvira wasn’t uncomfortable and managed to laugh this off. We might be used to such an interview today but it was rather rare for those days. This is likely one of the most memorable interviews on the Tonight Show but with many photos for adult eyes only.


Actress Robyn Hilton, who had a short-lived career, had one appearance on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. She had just appeared in Mel Brooks’ film “Blazing Saddles” and this was the film that made her a star.

She was naturally eye-catching and was wearing a sexy dress during the interview. Johnny was smitten by her and was surprised when she said that she had never participated in beauty contests though she did start her career as a model.

This was one of her rare interviews and perhaps her only major TV appearance. As a result it’s one of the most memorable interviews of hers and arguably one of the most memorable moments on The Tonight Show.

Johnny Carson loved having beautiful female guests on the show and this is perhaps one of the few were he seemed taken by a woman’s beauty but also managed to keep his composure. Robyn Hilton was shier than some of the other actresses who appeared on the show so Johnny wasn’t at a loss for words for this one.

If you haven’t seen this interview, you’re missing out on some great photos – adult eyes only please!

So, now let’s hear from you:

Did you know about any of these incidents from late night talk shows? What are your thoughts about these controversial incidents?

In fact, here’s what we want to know from you:

Do you think that today’s late night talk shows have become too watered down?

Or is that necessary in order to reach a wider audience and is it a welcome change?

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