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Ranking The 15 Greatest SNL Skits (Best SNL Skits)

Hello everyone, get ready for an exciting video. Today, we are ranking the best SNL skits ever created. SNL is one of the longest-running late-night shows to air on TV. With 45 seasons, this powerhouse of comedy, talent, and music has been a staple for decades. Let’s take a look at the 15 greatest skits. This is Facts Verse Presents: Ranking The 15 Greatest SNL Skits (Best SNL Skits). Don’t forget to like this video and subscribe to our channel for more. Click that little notification bell icon to make sure you never miss a new video.

SNL is an iconic television series that began in 1975. With hundreds of guests, from musicians to performers, this series has a little something for everyone. Here are the 15 best Saturday Night Live Skits.

NUMBER FIFTEEN: Mister Robinson’s Neighbor

Eddie Murphy is an accomplished comedian, actor, and performer. While he is best known for movies such as Shrek, Coming to America and The Nutty Professor, his time on SNL was productive, to say the least. He starred in over 65 episodes. The fan-favorite skit was Mister Robinson’s Neighbor. The skit was written as a parody of the famous children’s show, Mister Robinson’s Neighbor. The original show starred actor Fred Rogers.

In the skit, Murphy portrayed Robinson as a criminal, teaching kids about stealing and getting in trouble with the law. The character of Mister Robinson appeared multiple times on SNL throughout the years. The sketch that captivated viewers was the nutrition parody. Mister Robinson (Murphy) explained how expensive the groceries he stole were. He goes on to teach the different food groups, using the groceries he stole as props. Viewers of the show have regarded this skit as one of Murphy’s best, landing it at number fifteen.

NUMBER FOURTEEN: NPR’s Delicious Dish (Schweddy Balls)

NPR stands for the National Public Radio. SNL did not shy away from parodying this as well. Ana Gasteyer, Molly Shannon and Alec Baldwin acted in a unique segment called “Delicious Dish.” Alec played Pete Schweddy, a restaurant owner. The restaurant was called “Seasons Eatings.” The restaurant’s most popular dish was “Schweddy Balls.” The entire skit was full of puns and adult humor. Due to Alec’s ability to maintain a straight, serious face throughout the entire skit, it quickly rose to popularity. The skit was practiced beforehand, ensuring it was executed to the nines.


A familiar face on the show was Will Forte, appearing in over 100 SNL episodes. He began his career with SNL in 2002, with 156 episodes to date. One of Forte’s most known personas was MacGruber. MacGruber was used as the parody for “MacGyver,” a popular 80’s television show. In the show, MacGyver used his scientific knowledge to get himself out of trouble. However, the parody version MacGruber was not so smooth. Somehow MacGruber always seemed to get himself into more trouble in the process. Viewers of SNL loved the character of MacGruber so much, he landed a movie contract! Will Forte starred alongside Kristen Wiig in the 2010 film. However, critics complained about the movie and felt the comedy was not on par with SNL skits.

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NUMBER TWELVE: Two Wild & Crazy Guys

As we mentioned, Saturday Night Live has been around for a long time. Let’s take it all the way back to the ‘70s. Steve Martin and Dan Aykroyd were the talk of the town. The actors were well-received by viewers and arguably the most popular guests of the decade. Their work on SNL is regarded as some of their best. During their Two Wild & Crazy Guys skit, the actors played Czech brothers Georg and York Festrunk. Georg and York’s goal was to pick up women and get dates. However, they had bad luck when it came to romance. This made for an inevitably funny storyline. Viewers instantly loved Martin and Aykroyd’s characters. In fact, singer, actor, and entertainer Justin Timberlake starred alongside the brothers in 2013, as he hosted SNL.

NUMBER ELEVEN: Celebrity Jeopardy

This segment appeared in SNL several times. The ultra-famous game show, “Jeopardy!” is an international sensation. The show has even had the same host since 1984, Alex Trebek. The game show is the perfect platform for parody, jokes, puns, and more. Celebrity Jeopardy is a great way to impersonate different celebrities and portray their personalities in a fun, playful manner. Celebrity Jeopardy first aired back in 1996. The absolute best skit out of the segment came in 1999. It impersonated top celebrities such as Jimmy Fallon, Norm MacDonald, and Darrel Hammond. The episode aired in the 25th season of SNL. French Stewart, Sean Connery, and Burt Reynolds impersonated the celebs. In addition, Will Ferrell made an appearance as Alex Trebek.

NUMBER TEN: Kitty Kat On The Mars Mission

This skit featured Daniel Craig. During his time hosting in 2013, Kitty Kat On The Mars Mission was aired. The skit revolved around a space mission, taking place in the year 2023. The plot features astronauts, discussing what they love and miss about Planet Earth. Bobby Moynihan chimes in, saying he misses his kitty kat. As the skit continues, viewers find out Moynihan snuck his small kitten onto the spacecraft. He then panics as he believes his kitten is dying. He then realizes it was simply a pillow and pulls out a live, healthy kitten named Fuzz Aldrin.

NUMBER NINE: Chippendale Audition

Chris Farley starred in nearly 100 SNL episodes during his time as an actor/ comedian. He began his career with the late-night show in 1990. Farley’s fan-favorite performance was during the series 16th season, entitled “Chippendales Audition.” This skit featured a face-off between Patrick Swayze and Farley. The two were competing for one Chippendale spot. Farley was very energetic and flashy during the skit. He kept viewers laughing and entertained. Fans of Farley especially love this skit as they honor his legacy.

NUMBER EIGHT: Haunted Elevator

One of the most famous, beloved, and adored actors in Hollywood is Tom Hanks. Without a doubt, this celebrity has earned his place on the big screen, including SNL. Hanks has starred in various skits, including the Haunted Elevator. This skit features talented actors/actresses such as Back Bennett, Kate McKinnon, and Kenan Thompson. Hanks plays David S. Pumpkins. The haunted elevator features spooky characters on each floor… except when it comes to Mr. Pumpkins. Tom Hanks plays a rather friendly character compared to the others. Alongside Mr. Pumpkins are two dancing skeletons. The skeletons are played by Mikey Day and Bobby Moynihan. The skit is a classic, first airing in 2016, with reruns shown every Halloween.

NUMBER SEVEN: Matt Foley, Van Down By The River

Chris Farley has been an important part of the SNL cast. One of Farley’s preeminent skits involves his character, Matt Foley. Christina Applegate and David Spade star in the skit as Stacy and Brian. After their parents discover a bag of marijuana, a life coach and motivational speaker are summoned to help them. Farley plays the motivational speaker and attempts to motivate the teens. He told the teens he lives in his van near the river. This awkward exchange made for great television and landed the skit in the top 10.


Everyone knows Ryan Gosling, A-list actor and celebrity. During the 43rd season of SNL, he hosted the program. The skit was entitled “Papyrus.” The plot involves a character who is deeply upset over Avatar’s use of Papyrus font. Gosling, upset by the movie title font, decides to seek help from a licensed therapist. When the therapist tells Gosling the sequel movie plans to use the same Papyrus font, he takes matters into his own hands. Gosling stalks the poster designer, simply to see who would ever use such a horrible font. The skit earned a lot of praise as it was well-thought-out. There is a funny catch… Avatar discontinued their use of Papyrus for future movies in real life… ironic!

NUMBER FIVE: Natalie Raps

SNL is no stranger to musical features and performers. However, one of the most-watched skits is “Natalie Raps.” Award-winning actress, Natalie Portman, turns heads with an explicit rap song. During her interview, she showcases and indulges in unprofessional behavior. However, it doesn’t stop there. She proceeds to talk about alcohol and drugs while describing her time studying at Harvard. This skit became so popular, SNL decided to produce part II in 2018. Her character was very different compared to her kind and professional demeanor in real life,

NUMBER FOUR: Lonely Island Digital Shots

After joining SNL in 2005, Andy Samberg performed with the cast for seven seasons. Lonely Island was by far fan’s favorite. The skit featured digital shorts. From mature humor to puns, Samberg had a variety of funny lines to blur out.

NUMBER THREE: Olympia Cafe

This scene dates back to 1978… the early years of SNL. In this skit, Dan Aykroyd, John Belushi, and Bill Murray are featured as restaurant employees. The employees refuse to serve anything other than dinner food. The funny part of the skit comes when Robert Klein asks for breakfast food in the AM but is refused.

NUMBER TWO: Wayne’s World

Wayne’s World featured Wayne Campbell. Wayne played a cable show co-host, alongside Dana Carvey. This SNL skit turned heads and became extremely successful. In fact, two movies were produced because of it! This SNL skit gave life to popular catchphrases such as “Party On” and “Schwing.” Wayne’s World made a substantial impact on pop culture and comedy.

NUMBER ONE: More Cowbell

Set at Sunset Studios while producing Blue Oyster Cult’s new record in 1976, More Cowbell takes the number one place. Will Ferrel plays Gene Frenkel. Christopher Walken plays Bruce Dickinson. In addition, Chris Kattan, Chris Parnell, Horatio Sanz, and Jimmy Fallon make appearances. The skit revolves around Bruce asking for more “cowbell” in the band’s song. Will Ferrel proceeds to dance with his belly exposed, ensuring everyone is on the edge of their seats laughing.

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