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Woman Who Replies To Stranger’s Invitation Gets Way More Than She Bargained For

Happy Birthday, John Gonsalves

John Gonsalves is a father from New Jersey. He had lost his wife many years earlier, and he raised his daughter, Robin, mostly on his own. Robin really loved her father, and when his 59th birthday was coming up, Robin decided to get him something special. It was something that he had mentioned that he wanted many times but never bought for himself. Robin decided that it would be the perfect gift.

Ancestry DNA Kit

John had mentioned often that he wanted to get an Ancestry DNA kit so that he could learn more about himself and where he came from. He wanted to find out more about his distant relatives, and he was hoping that maybe he would find some relatives that he didn’t know about. When he opened Robin’s gift, he was thrilled when he saw that it was the DNA kit.

Not Wasting Any Time

When John opened the gift from his daughter, he didn’t waste any time. Using the swab that came with the kit, she swabbed the inside of his cheek and put it in the plastic vial. He wanted to get his results as quickly as possible, so he packed up the box and mailed it out. He knew that it would be a few weeks before he received his results, so all he could do was wait patiently.

The Results

When John’s results finally came in, he couldn’t wait to open them up. When he did, he was left absolutely speechless. He thought that maybe he would learn about a distant relatives, but he never expected what he found out. The results from John’s test showed that he had a daughter he never knew about. He never even know about any of his ex-girlfriends being pregnant.


The test showed that John had a 40-year-old daughter named Jeanie. He couldn’t believe that he had a daughter all these years that he never knew about. He decided to reach out to her to find out if she would like to meet. And he wanted a chance to get to know the daughter he never knew about. Jeanie seems just as excited to meet as John and she accepted the stranger’s invitation.

Welcoming Jeanie

Jeanie accepted the stranger’s invitation. On the day that Jeanie was coming to John’s house to meet, he decided to make her feel as welcome as he could. He went to the local party store, and he got a dozen of different colored helium balloons. Before Jeanie arrived, he hung them up in front of his house. He figured that this would be a great way to welcome Jeanie and help her find the house at the same time. He couldn’t wait for her to arrive so he could hear all about her life.

Jeanie’s Story

When Jeanie arrived at John’s house, the two embraced right away. The two went inside so that Jeanie could tell John about her life. She told him that she was born in 1977. Her mother was a woman who John dated briefly. She never told him that she was pregnant, which is why John never knew he had a daughter. Jeanie told him that when she was two months old, her mother put her up for adoption. A very loving family adopted her.


Jeanie’s parents never hid from her the fact that she was adopted. They were very supportive of her finding her birth parents, and when she was 19-years-old, she started looking. It didn’t take long for Jeanie to find her birth mother, but the meeting was a bittersweet experience. Even though she was grateful that her mother gave her up so that she could have a better life, she had trouble facing her. After talking to her mother for a bit, she decided to locate her father.

Three Miles Apart

As if finding out that he had a daughter wasn’t shocking enough, John found out that he and Jeanie lived just three miles away from each other. After talking for a bit, they found out that they shopped at the same grocery store. There is a chance that the two had crossed paths many times, without even knowing that they were father and daughter.

Robin’s Sister

John wasn’t the only one who was excited about meeting Jeanie. Robin never had an older sister, and she always wished she did. Since her mother passed when she was very young, she never had an older female role model. Now that Jeanie was in her life, her dream came true. Jeanie says that she was just as happy to find out that she had a sister. She always wanted a little sister. Jeanie is a woman who replies to stranger’s invitation gets way more than she bargained for. She got a whole new family.

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