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Scientists Prove Beer Lovers May Be Healthier Than Those Who Stay Sober


Beer is one of the most popular beverages in the world. People buy light beer, low-cal beer, low-carb beer, flavored beer, craft beer, and dark beer. There are plenty of options to choose from. There are even festivals around the world dedicated to beer drinkers, such as Oktoberfest, the Great American Beer Festival, Great British Beer Festival, and Vermont’s Brewers Festival. These name just a few.

Giving Up Beer

There are people who worry about the effects that beer has on their health, so they have given it up. There are healthier substitutes today for beer. They are made with seltzer water. They don’t taste like beer, and most don’t think that these substitutions don’t taste good at all.

Not So Bad

Now that summer is here; beer drinkers are consuming their favorite drinks more often. Summer is a time for cookouts and outdoor parties. What goes better with a cookout than a beer? Even if you are sitting out on your porch on a beautiful day, it is nicer when you are drinking a beer. If you are avoiding beer this summer because you are worried about the effects that it has on your health, you don’t have to. Recently, scientists prove beer lovers may be healthier than those who stay sober.

A Study

The Finnish Institute of Occupational Health performed a study. The participants in the study were from France, the UK, and Finland. The study found that the participants who drank beer took fewer sick days from work than those who lived a sober life.


This doesn’t mean that you should drink a 12-pack of beer on a work night, hoping that you won’t need to call in sick. Hangovers can occur when you drink too much. If you have a severe hangover, you may need to call out of work. Anytime you drink alcohol; it should be in moderation. Drinking too much beer or any other alcohol can result in liver problems, kidney issues, and a number of other problems. The participants in this study had just a few beers a week.


The lead author of the study, Jenny Ervasti, warns people who are already sick. There are certain medical conditions and treatments that prevent you from consuming alcohol. Certain medical conditions can worsen with the consumption of alcohol. Certain medications aren’t as effective when mixed with alcohol, or the side effects caused by the medications can be more severe after alcohol use. She says that she cannot stress enough that if you have a disease or take a medication where beer isn’t recommended, you shouldn’t start drinking just because you think that it will make you healthier.

More Benefits

While beer will help you call in sick less, there are several other health benefits of drinking beer. There are many physical health benefits, but there is a mental benefit as well. Studies have shown that beer can help relieve stress. If you have opened up a few beers after a long, stressful day at work, you know that it can reduce your stress level, making it easier to unwind after a long day.

Brain Benefits

Drinking beer can benefit your brain and even make you smarter. Studies have shown that beer can improve your memory. If you find yourself forgetting things often, having a few beers a week can help. A few beers each week can also have enhanced your cognitive function, which will help you think and process information faster.

Body Benefits

While beer can improve your brain, it can also improve your body. A few beers a week can protect your heart, lower your bad cholesterol, prevent kidney stones, and strengthen your bones. If you are worried about what you put into your body, you don’t need to worry about beer. Beer is more nutritious than other alcoholic drinks. While most types of alcohol are full of empty calories, beer isn’t as bad as the others. If you are worried about empty calories, there are light beers out there that have less than 100 calories.

Drink Up

If you are going to a cookout this weekend, or if you are planning a party of your own, you can stop by the liquor store without feeling any guilt. As long as you drink in moderation, you can actually improve your health and your mind. The key here is moderation. You cannot drink at 12-pack of beer a day and think that it will make you feel great. Consuming too much of any type of alcohol will make you feel horrible when you wake up in the morning. The Finnish study isn’t the only one that has proven that beer can be good for you. There are plenty of studies that have shown the health effects of beer.

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