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Sonny Bono Died 25 Years Ago, but Cher Is Still Suing His Wife Today

Were you devastated when Sonny and Cher broke up? They seemed like an odd pair, and they were, but the strange match seemed to work. Before anyone knew it, they were pushing out hits like their famous “I’ve Got You Babe.”

▬Contents of this video▬
00:00 – Intro
00:28 – Sonny and Cher Together
02:09 – Sonny and Cher Splitting Apart
05:01 – Sonny’s Death
05:43 – Who Is Mary Bono?
06:43 – The Lawsuit
08:04 – Outro

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They tried to hide the drama behind the scenes for the sake of their careers. They’d have other lovers live in their home with them where no one could see. Their anger only came out in subtle jabs during performances. Their empire eventually came crashing down. When they divorced, Cher hoped to remove herself from the restrictive contracts Sonny convinced her to sign. She also wanted her fair share of their work together.

It took them time to succeed on their own. Early attempts to recapture their public personas failed. Cher is a master of reinvention and eventually overcame it. Sonny left the music world and moved on to food and politics as well as another family. Death changes one’s perspective, and Cher was devastated when she heard of her ex’s fatal ski accident. She read a touching eulogy at his funeral.
That was one of the last peaceful moments she had with anyone even close to him. She soon began a battle with his widow Mary.

Death does more than change perspectives. It also opens up rivalries and questions over who gets what. When it comes to the royalties from the songs Sonny and Cher sang, that’s still up in the air. Mary and Cher haven’t been able to agree after years in court. Neither woman is relenting, but the judge isn’t convinced about which one is right.

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Sonny Bono Died 25 Years Ago, but Cher Is Still Suing His Wife Today

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