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The Nanny’s Gut Told Her Something Was Very Wrong. Then The Dad Watched The Chilling CCTV Footage


Many parents don’t make enough money on just one income to support their family. If their children aren’t in school yet, the parents are going to need to hire a nanny. Most parents ask for references, and they check them. Parents want to trust the person who they are going to leave their children with. Many nannies handle a variety of tasks including shopping, housework, and other daily activities. When the Lai family hired a nanny, they got more than they could have ever imagined.

The Lai Family

Jonathan Lai and his wife are from Irvine, California. When Mrs. Lai decided to go back to work, they had to hire a nanny for their three-year-old son. After searching for a while, Mrs. Lai settled on a girl named Jenna Lee baker. She was highly qualified, and she had excellent references. They had no idea when they hired Jenna what an important part of her family that she would be.

Summer 2017

On a summer day in 2017, Jenna was out of the house doing a few of her daily tasks for the family. Like each day, she took the Lai’s son with her. When she got back to the house, something didn’t feel right. The little boy ran into the house ahead of Jenna, but when she got a bad feeling, she ran in the house to get him. She didn’t even slip her shoes back on her feet. She just wanted to get herself and the boy out of the house. Just as she grabbed the little boy, she heard footsteps upstairs and began to panic. She ran down the street with the boy to a neighbor’s house so that she could call the police.

Jenna’s Hunch Was Right

Jenna didn’t know how much trouble she and the young boy were in until Jonathan came home from work. He has the interior and exterior of the house wired for closed circuit television. When Jenna told him what happened, he rushed home so that he could look at the footage to see who was in the house. The nanny’s gut told her something was very wrong. Then the dad watched the chilling CCTV footage.

A Burglar In the House

As Jonathan had suspected, there was a burglar in his home. First, the burglar walked into the kitchen, and he found Mrs. Lai’s purse. He emptied it on the counter to see if there was anything valuable for him to take. He didn’t stop with the purse. He went on to search the entire kitchen hoping to find cash and other valuables.

Ransacking the House

After finishing in the kitchen, the intruder moved through the rest of the house. He went from room to room looking for anything that he could take. He even checked the Lais’ son’s playroom for anything worth money. Jonathan says that seeing the intruder in his son’s room was the scariest thing of all.

Just In Time

Jonathan saw Jenna and his son return home on the footage. When Jenna and the little boy went into the house, the burglar headed for the stairs. Fortunately, Jenna got out of the house quickly. Seconds after Jenna was seen on film running down the driveway; the intruder ran out the same way. Had Jenna taken two seconds more to get out of the house, she and Jonathan’s son could have come face to face with one another.

Gaining Access To the House

The intruder first tired to get into the house through a window fitting. When that didn’t work, he broke through a glass door. Jonathan couldn’t believe how brazen the intruder was by doing this in broad daylight. He says that the entire time, he could see the intruder on his cell phone.

Feeling Violated

Jonathan says that he felt completely violated after seeing the intruder in his home. He says that his whole sense of security has been torn down. Fortunately, nobody was hurt. Jonathan says it is all thanks to Jenna. He knows that it was Jenna and her quick thinking that kept his son from being harmed that day.

Super Nanny

Today, Jonathan and his wife refer to Jenna as, “super nanny.” Jenna says that she only did what she had to do. She says that she loves the Lais’ son and she would do anything to keep him safe. While Jonathan describes Jenna as a rock star, she says that she was doing her job. She protected the little boy. She says that Jonathan and his wife have put their trust in her to keep their kids safe and she takes that very seriously. Jonathan says that he is thankful every day for Jenna. Had it been another nanny, things could have turned up much differently.

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