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This is Why All Women LOVE Yoga Pants!

If you haven’t been living under a rock for the last decade, you certainly have to have noticed that Yoga pants have virtually replaced pants for a large segment of the female population. Where it would have been taboo in years past to wear leggings to the office or to the grocery store, Yoga pants have found a special status in our society that has granted them a pass to step outside of the yoga studio and into our everyday lives.

While not everyone has looked fondly upon this trend some have celebrated the existence of yoga pants to the high heavens – or should I say thigh heavens?

These form-fitting pants traditionally have been made of a mixture of nylon and lycra, although more specialized materials have been introduced in recent years to help with odor reduction, moisture-wicking, and to provide increased compression.

While it is certainly undeniable that Yoga pants are excellent for their intended purpose – much to do with the fact that they allow practitioners to easily contort themselves into any position without straining and how they help instructors and students to easily check their body alignment – the garment has also helped define an entirely new category of fashion called athleisure which as its name implies weds athletic apparel with casual leisure practicality.

Fan of yoga pants

If you’re a fan of yoga pants, you have none other than athletic apparel giant Lululemon’s founder Chip Wilson to thank for introducing the garment that has garnered the adoration of women everywhere and the disdain of a more conservative aging generation who just doesn’t get it.

Chip was sitting in a yoga class in 1997 when he noticed that the instructor was wearing what he called “slinky dance attire” that fit her like a second skin. This observation led him to start his own fashion business rooted around yoga. The following year in 1998, Lululemon introduced the first pair of yoga pants to the market.

Flash forward 20 years later and yoga pants had soared in popularity to such an extreme degree that they accounted for over 31 billion dollars in sales by 2018.

So what exactly is it about yoga pants that women love so much? We’ve compiled a list of the top 18 reasons why ladies keep rocking yoga pants like it’s not going out of style – which in case you hadn’t noticed, they’re not.

FACTS VERSE PRESENTS: This Is Why All Women LOVE Yoga Pants!

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They make you feel skinny and comfortable when you’re having a hard day

Some days we wake up and don’t exactly feel like the thin sexy versions of ourselves that we’d like to be. That’s perfectly okay. Fat days happen.

But, name one other piece of clothing that can make you feel better about yourself and have the same slimming effect as yoga pants?

Even folks with no booty can get a boost of oomph

Because let’s face it, some people don’t have much junk in their trunk. We’re not body shaming anyone here at all – in fact, quite the opposite. Everyone deserves to feel sexy.

Yoga pants have this magical power of taking the flattest body and accentuating all of its natural curves in all the right ways. We’re not certain what kind of sorcery is at play, but when someone slips a pair of yoga pants on, they suddenly have like 40 percent more butt. There’s no real arguing with that. It’s just science.

You can wear them everywhere

Thank God that we are living in the modern age when women don’t have to feel the constant pressure to be in super stuffy formal wear all the time. Even jeans can feel constricting at times.

It’s so nice to just throw on a pair of Yoga pants and a pair of heels and hit the town with your friends. Why not be as comfortable as you can when you’re going out with your besties to get black-out drunk?

Ahhh yes…..what a time to be alive.

They are great to travel with

If you’re hopping on a plane anytime soon, consider how much room you can save in your luggage by packing yoga pants instead of bulkier outerwear. They are perfect for the girl on the go. Just pair them with your favorite pair of sneakers and you’re ready for action.

No need to change after going to the gym

That’s right, once you’ve wrapped up your routine, all you got to do is swap out your shoes and throw on a hoodie and head straight to your favorite bar just in time for happy hour. If that’s not a life hack, I don’t know what is.

Breakfast beckons

So even after checking out Happy Hour, then kicking it with your friends at the club, you can wake up and head to your favorite brunch spot for those Bloody Marys and French Toast that you need to fight that hangover. You know what the perfect wardrobe choice is for such an outing? You guessed it!

The perfect part about yoga pants is you can drink and eat to your hearts content and never have to undo a button.

They literally take up no space

So even if you have the world’s tiniest closet, you’re still in luck. They fold up to about the size of a paperback novel. With all that room that you now have, you can finally buy all that junk you really don’t need. Go ahead and buy those leopard-print rain boots. What else are you going to wear with your yoga pants and windbreaker on the next rainy day?

They are relatively inexpensive

Sure, Lululemon sells them for 98 bucks but you can go to Target or god-forbid, Walmart, and pick up a pair for like 20. Yoga pants aren’t going to break your bank unless you insist on buying designer everything.

They make you look like you just came from the gym

Despite the fact that they’ve become a part of most women’s well-cemented fashion routines, yoga pants still make their wearers look like star athletes. So, if you haven’t set foot in the gym in weeks, no one’s going to notice.

Even if you just indulged in that 2 for 4 deal that they have at Burger King, onlookers are going to think that you probably had kale and quinoa for breakfast right before your morning jog. #Stillwinning

You can wear the same pair over and over

Who cares that you wore them already on Sunday and Tuesday. It’s Wednesday and they’re comfortable and who’s got time to change?

Plus if you’re broke, they’re a great way to stay looking great on a budget. No one’s going to know that you only have 2 pairs that you alternate every other day. Shhhhh Your secret’s safe with us.

They match perfectly with boots

It’s true! They slide under those tight leather boots you just bought perfectly. Unlike jeans which you might find yourself wrestling with to get to fit just right with your favorite pair of knee-high UGGs, yoga pants never put up a fight.

After a night of partying, you’re already ready for bed

How awful is it to wake up after a night of festivities just to find that your drunk-self fell asleep in your favorite dress. At least with yoga pants, they already kind-of count as sleepwear. Just another testament to their versatility.

So no need to worry when it’s 3 AM and you stumble up the stairs, just barely avoiding certain death to flop on your mattress just in the knick of time. Why change when you are already comatose – ahemmm I mean comfortable.

They are super versatile

Rain or shine. Summer or winter. Yoga pants are perfect for all-weather and any season. They layer nicely with other garments when it gets super chilly out there. They don’t wick too much either so you can take a walk through a spring shower and not be super drenched.

Plus they are basically the universal uniform for any sorority house, so there’s that.

They are a much better substitute for sweatpants

Not sure when the last time you put on a pair of sweatpants, but if you compare them side by side with yoga pants, there is no comparison. Yoga pants for the win all day!

Thank goodness they are socially acceptable these days. Late-night trips to the grocery store for junk food will never look the same.

Who doesn’t enjoy a good debate?

Well are they pants or are they not? You be the judge. Even though they are an acceptable piece of outerwear outside the yoga studio or gym, there will still be some naysayers that want to get their 2 cents in. That conversation is always fun.

Yes, that baggy t-shirt is a dress

Or at least it is when you throw on a pair of yoga pants. They save you the time of having to figure out if that dress your wearing is too short. Who’s really got time to figure that out? Putting on yoga pants takes like 8 seconds. Problem solved.

High-waisted Yoga Pants hide that food baby

Go ahead and have that third slice of pizza. Don’t even feel guilty about it. Your high-waisted yoga pants may look like they are designed for the expecting mother to be, but in fact they are there to save you from that unwanted muffin-top.

Oh yeah, They are actually great for yoga

Yup, go figure that they would actually be great for their intended purpose! But they are particularly great for easing flexibility without awful chafing. You can slide into any pose without worrying that you’re going to blow a seam or have to strain yourself more than you should. Yoga pants give you the mobility of going full-on birthday suit without the indecent exposure charges.

Well, that wraps up our list. Now it’s time to hear from you! Do you think that Yoga Pants are a suitable replacement for pants that you can wear everywhere or should they best be saved for the yoga studio and gym? Let us know what you think in the comments section.

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