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Woman Wants To Surprise Husband And Gets Super Sexy Short Blonde Look Turning Everyone’s Head

The Makeover Guy

The Makeover Guy’s real name is Christopher Hopkins. He is a very talented hairstylist who opened his salon in 1990. He is famous for making amazing transformations for his clients in his Minneapolis studio. Christoper posts videos of the amazing transformations and he posts them on his YouTube channel.

The Packages Offered At His Salon

Christopher offers plenty of your typical services at this salon. He does haircuts, colors, and fancy up-dos. He also offers services that you won’t find in many salons. Christopher offers full makeup and style advice. He helps his clients find the right clothing to fit with their figures. He has been doing this for years and has helped many people figure out how to look their best.

Satisfied Clients

Christopher has plenty of satisfied clients. When he gave a woman named Ann the makeover of her life, Ann became a regular client. Today, she considers Christopher to be a good friend. When Ann’s daughter saw her mother’s new look, she couldn’t believe her eyes. It wasn’t long before Ann, and her daughter was telling everyone about the incredible talent that Christoper had.


Mary makes an appointment with Christopher. She was coming up on her 27th wedding anniversary, and she wanted to look amazing for her husband. After 27 years of marriage, she says that she is as much in love with her husband as she was on the day that they got married.

The Same Style

From the time that Mary met her husband, she had been using the same boxed hair dye. She had shoulder length hair that she had been wearing the same way for decades. She decided that it was time for a change. She heard about Christopher and his salon, so she went on his YouTube channel to check him out. When she was some of the transformations that he had done in the past, she decided that he was just the person to help her.

The Appointment

When Mary went in for her appointment, she told Christopher that she wanted a drastic change. She told him that she had had the same tired look for years and it was time to make a change. Mary told Christopher about her upcoming anniversary, and she wanted to look amazing for her husband.

The Transformation

Christopher told Mary that her dark hair didn’t suit her skin tone. He told her that if she were to go with platinum blonde, she would look years younger. He also told her that it was time to change her haircut. He told her that a short pixie cut would great on her. Mary trusted Christoper so she told him that he could do whatever he thought was best.

The Amazing Outcome

When Christopher was done with Mary, she couldn’t believe her eyes. When she went to the salon, she told Christoper that she was tired of looking old and frumpy. When Christopher was done with her, she says she looked far from old and frumpy.

Looking Gorgeous

Mary couldn’t wait to get home and show her husband her new look. She left the house looking like the woman her husband had known her entire life. When she got home, she was a whole new woman.

Another Satisfied Customer

When Mary left the salon that day, Christopher made her look as beautiful on the outside as she was on the inside. Like all of Christopher’s other clients, Mary was thrilled with the way that she looked. This woman wants to surprise husband gets sexy super short blonde look turning everyone’s head. When Mary’s husband and her family saw her new look, they couldn’t believe their eyes. She looked and felt like a new woman.

YouTube Description

Christopher Hopkins is also known as “The Makeover Guy.” He owns a salon in Minneapolis salon, and he is famous for transforming women’s appearances. Christopher has a YouTube channel, and he posts each of his transformations on his channel. He has an eye for what would make a woman look her best, and he goes with it. When a woman named Mary went into his salon, she was about to celebrate her 27th wedding anniversary. Throughout her entire marriage, Mary never changed her look. She was ready for a change, and she told Christopher that she didn’t want to look old and frumpy anymore. Christopher knew exactly what to do with Mary, and he told her that it would be drastic. He wanted to make sure she knew what she was getting into. She put her faith in Christopher, and the transformation was incredible. If you want to see Mary before and Mary after, take a look at the video. You won’t believe your eyes.

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