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10 Most Unusual Cinemas Around The World

10 Most Unusual Cinemas Around The World

#1 The Electric Cinema, LondonIf you want to see the latest blockbuster but you want to do so in style, this would be the perfect theater for you. Not only is this one of the oldest cinemas in the UK, it is one of the most luxurious and romantic. There are 65 leather armchairs in the theater, each with footstools and side tables. If you want to snuggle up, you can sit in the two seat sofas. If you really want to be comfortable, you can lay in one of the comfortable double beds located in the front row. No matter where you will be sitting, you are given a cashmere blanket to cover up with.

#2 Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater Restaurant, Orlando, FloridaIf you love science fiction movies and dinner, this is a great place. The theater is located at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Florida, and it is designed to look like an old drive-in movie from the 50’s. The seats are 1950 convertibles, but they are more comfortable. While you watch old clips of science fiction movies, you can eat a great meal. The food is all American, and you can order sandwiches, burgers, steaks, ribs, pasta or a healthy salad. This is a very unique cinema.

#3 Elgin Winter Garden Theater, TorontoThis is one of the largest and one of the most beautiful theaters in the world. When you are sitting in the theater when the lights are on, it looks like you are sitting in a beautiful garden. If you leave the backstage exit of the theater, you can see the original Simplex Silent Film Projector that was used when the theater was first opened.

#4 Hot Tub Cinema, WorldwideWhat can be more relaxing than watching a movie in the hot tub? This cinema was launched in 2012 and it has combined the tow. The best part is that these cinemas are located on a building top so that you can enjoy the amazing views of the city and watch a movie under the stars. Most of these cinemas are pop-ups. So far, they have been held in Ibiza, New York, Manchester, London, Bristol, and Birmingham. Most of the events have a theme, therefore, you are expected to dress up, sing along, and drink. This is the coolest and most relaxing way to watch a movie.

#5 Film on the Rocks, Denver, ColoradoEvery summer, the Denver Film Society and Denver Arts & Venues hosts a film series at the Red Rocks Amphitheater in Morrison, Colorado. The movie nights include live shows, such as a concert or a comedy act, followed by a hit movie. The scenery alone is reason enough to catch a film on a summer night in Denver.

#6 The Orange Cinema Club, BeijingThis cinema was created by Robert Majkut, and it is one of the most exclusive cinemas in China. The interior of the cinema is like no other in the world. There are a Piano Bar zone and private VIP rooms. If you enjoy the occasional smoke, you can sit in the Cigar Club. If you are just there to enjoy the film, you can watch in one of the three luxurious auditoriums, the Black Room, The Pink Sky, or the Orange Garden. Every detail in the theater is very unique and tasteful. After visiting this cinema, you may never want to go to a typical one again.

#7 Lamorinda Theaters, CaliforniaThis California theater is very unique, as it has an art-deco style. It opened in 1941, and it is just as popular as it was since it first opened. The theater is open every night, and they even offer a free movie night. This isn’t something that you will find at any theater in the world.

#8 Arena Pula, CroatiaIf you are an ancient history buff, this is the cinema for you. It is located in one of the last remaining Amphitheaters in history. It was built in the 1st century AD. Back then, it was where the gladiators fought. Today, you can enjoy the open air while enjoying a movie and the scenery and sunsets are absolutely breathtaking.

#9 Cinepolis USA, Southern CaliforniaIf you are planning to take your kids to the movies, you should consider this cinema. Parents can watch the movie while their children play on the jungle gym located right in the front of the theater. The playground has two slides, stationary pogo sticks, and a merry go round. There is a separate, fenced off play area for younger children.

#10 Olympia Music Hall, FranceOf the 10 most unusual cinemas in the world, this is the most comfortable. Many people would rather wait for movies to come out on DVD because most movie theaters just aren’t comfortable. If you visit the Olympia Music Hall in France, you will be more than comfortable. This cinema doesn’t have chairs, they have full-size beds, complete with side tables and small lights. This is the most comfortable way to enjoy a movie.

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