Times People Absolutely WON The Food Lottery

#1 A Bonus OrangeMany people love oranges. When you peel an orange, you expect to see about 7 or 8 slices that you can enjoy. The person who peeled this orange separated the orange slices found another orange inside. There is nothing better than getting a bonus orange when you are just expecting one.

#2 The Broken Vending MachineIt is not uncommon for a person to put their money into a vending machine and the money is taken but the product is not dispensed. This vending machine is the exact opposite. Someone put their money in, selected their item, and every single product in the vending machine came out. If you saw this vending machine at your work, it would be a very good day.

#3 The Watermelon With No RindIt is hard to tell if you are going to get a good watermelon in the store. It is always hit or miss. You actually have to cut into it to see if you picked a winner. The person who bought this watermelon picked the best watermelon of all time. Most watermelons have between an inch or two of rind on the edges of the watermelon. This is a part of the watermelon that you cannot eat. The person who bought this watermelon scored. There is almost no rind on the watermelon at all. This made it possible for them to eat the entire watermelon. You don’t find these beauties too often.

#4 The Avocado and the Potato ChipLike watermelons, it can be hard to tell if you are getting a good avocado until you buy it and you cut into it. The person who bought this avocado won the food lottery. When they cut into the avocado, there were no seeds inside. It was all avocado. They also won the potato chip lottery. When you buy potato chips, it is not uncommon to find small, broken chips in the bottom of the bag. The person who bought this bag got a chip that was almost the same size as the bag. This almost never happens. If this person were to buy another bag of potato chips, the chances of them getting such a big chip are slim to none.

#5 2-Pack of PizzaThe person who bought this frozen pizza expected to bring home two pizzas. Maybe they were going to eat one now and one later. Maybe they were making the pizzas for their two children. When they got home and opened up the box, they discovered that rather than there being two pieces of pizza in the box, there were three. This doesn’t happen very often and this is one of the times people absolutely WON the food lottery. After this person served the pizza to their children, there was another pizza left over just for them. Score!

#6 Red and Green PeppersWhen a person is buying peppers to cook with or for a salad, they often buy different colored peppers to brighten up the dish. In the store, the person who bought this pepper was under the impression that they were buying a red pepper. When they got the pepper home and they cut into it, they discovered that there was a green pepper inside. They were able to brighten up their dish without even trying. It was like buying two peppers for the price of one.

#7 Double Yolk Eggs

Hard boiled eggs are delicious and they are good for you. The best part about the hard boiled egg is the yolk. The person who bought this egg carton really scored. When they boiled the eggs, they cut them in half and discovered that each egg had two yolks inside. This can happen occasionally with one egg, but when it happens with every egg in the dozen, it is amazing. These were probably the greatest hard boiled eggs that this person has ever made. Unfortunately, they won’t be able to make hard boiled eggs like this ever again.

#8 The Most Amazing Skittle

Many people love Skittles. They are fruity, sweet, chewy, and they have a hard shell. The person who got this bag of Skittles found one of the coolest Skittles in the world in their bag. It is a Skittle made up of hundreds of tiny Skittles and each one was a different flavor. Maybe the Skittles company should see this one and they can use it to create a whole new kind of candy.

#9 A Giant Lemon

The average lemon will fit into the palm on your hand. In most cases, it will cover your entire palm. The person who got this lemon off their tree got more than they bargained for. This lemon was so large that they almost needed two hands to hold it. If they were using this lemon as a garnish in their Corona, they would have enough lemon for an entire case.

#10 The Giant BlueberriesBlueberries are typically a small fruit. They are about the same size as your fingertip. The person who bought these blueberries scored. These blueberries are larger than a quarter. If this person was buying blueberries for their cereal, they wouldn’t have enough room in the bowl for the cereal. If they were planning to put these blueberries in a muffin, that would be one amazing blueberry muffin.

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