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A Married Couple Avoided Opening One Specific Wedding Present For Nine Years

Wedding Gifts

When a couple gets married, it is customary to bring a gift to the wedding. Some people give the happy couple cash so that they can afford to cover the cost of their wedding or to buy themselves the things that they need. Others give gifts that the happy couple registers for so that they can set up their new home together. For many couples, opening the gifts is the last bit of excitement on their big day. One couple got a wedding gift and didn’t open it. A married couple avoided opening one specific wedding present for nine years.

Brandon and Kathy Gunn

Brandon and Kathy had a picture-perfect wedding day. Everything went exactly as planned, and they both agreed that it was the happiest day of their lives. They were married in September 2007 in Jackson, Michigan. They had hundreds of guests at the wedding, which meant there were plenty of gifts to open. It took a while, and they opened all but one.

Great-Aunt Alison

There was a mysterious gift from Kathy’s great-aunt Alison. There was a cryptic note attached that read, “Do not open until your first disagreement.” Kathy and Brandon were obviously curious, but they decided to abide by great-aunt Alison’s wishes. She had a long, beautiful marriage; therefore, Kathy assumed that her aunt had the answers to a perfect marriage inside the box.


Kathy’s mother told her that she shouldn’t wait too long to open the gift, just in case it contained something perishable. Kathy reached out to great-aunt Alison, who told her that there was nothing perishable in the box. The couple went two years without opening the box. When great-aunt Alison asked them about it, they told her that they hadn’t opened it yet, and she was a bit shocked.

Their Relationship

Kathy and Brandon weren’t the perfect couple who had not bickered once in two years. In fact, they had plenty of disagreements and slammed doors. After nine years, they still didn’t open the gift. During this time, there were plenty of fights, but they still chose not to open the gift. Kathy says that opening the box would have felt like surrender in her eyes. She relied on the box to help her and her husband through a fight that they felt like they could not come back from. Since she and Brandon hadn’t had any of these fights, they didn’t open the box.

The Year Pass

Over the years, Brandon and Kathy had a family, they lived their lives, and they were happy. They refused to let small issues force them to open the box, but one day, they started talking about it. Ten years had passed since they got married, and they had moved several times since. Each time, they picked up the unopened box and moved it to their new house. With each passing year, Brandon and Kathy believed that their marriage was strong enough where they didn’t need to open the box. Finally, their curiosity got to be too much, and they decided to open it up.

An Upcoming Wedding

Brandon and Kathy had been invited to a friend’s wedding. After getting the invitation, they started talking about their own wedding. It was then that they both agreed that it was time to open the box and see what was inside. Kathy says that she worried at first. What if they had a fight that was so bad, they couldn’t back from it? They didn’t have the box to help get them through it. Kathy decided that they had made it almost 10-years without needing the box, so she agreed with Brandon and they opened it.

The Gift

The couple opened the box, and inside were two notes, wine glasses, a vase, and bath items. The note to Kathy contained cash, and it read, “Kathy, Go get a pizza, shrimp, or something you both like. Get a bath ready. Aunt Alison.” The letter for Brandon read, “Go get flowers and a bottle of wine.” His note also contained cash.


Kathy and Brandon realized that great-aunt Alison had given them all of the tools to set up the perfect reconciliation after their first disagreement. Any disagreement can be cleared up with flowers, wine, something good to eat, and a nice relaxing bath. Kathy and Brandon smiled as they read their notes.

A Key

Kathy says that all these years, she thought that the gift held the answer to a successful marriage. She says that the tools for a healthy marriage were not in that box. The box contained the secret to overcoming one disagreement. She says that all along, she and Brandon had the key to a successful marriage, which is why they are still so happy today.

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