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Firefighters Give the Sweetest Farewell to Their Beloved Firehouse Dog


Firefighters risk their lives on a daily basis. They will run into a burning building when called so that they can save anyone and everyone inside. They also risk their lives battling fires before they are able to spread to other structures. A firefighter’s job is different than most other professions. With most jobs, you do your work and head home to your family. This is not the case with firefighters. When a firefighter goes to work, they do jobs around the station. If there is no fire during their shift, they find things to do. Firefighters don’t go home every day. When a firefighter has a shift, they are required to sleep at the station. This is because a fire can break out at any time of the night. The firefighters need to be in the station when the call comes in. They make huge sacrifices to keep the people in the city safe.

Firehouse Dogs

Firehouse dogs are common in firehouses. These dogs live there full-time. They are there when the firefighters arrive at the station for their shift. The dogs keep them company. When there is a fire, and the firefighters return home, the dog is there waiting. Most firefighters love their firehouse dogs as much as they love their family dog at home. Negro was a very much loved firehouse dog.


Since Negro was a puppy, he was living in the firehouse with the firefighters. For over 10-years, he lived with the firefighter in the station, and he watched over them. The firefighters at the station say that having Negro around made things around the station less stressful. He was a loyal dog, and he was a real member of the team. Sadly, when Negro was 14-years-old, the veterinarian told the firefighters that he was sick and didn’t have long to live.

Negro’s Passing

When Negro passed away, the firefighters were devastated. They had lost one of their own, and that is never easy. Negro was there long before some of the firefighters had even started. For others, they served in the firehouse together from day one. He was a huge part of their lives and a very important member of the fire station. Because of this, they wanted to do something special for their fallen friend.

Celebrating Negro

The firefighters at the department planned an elaborate ceremony for Negro. They held an honor guard funeral for the dog who was so important to them for all of these years. One of the firefighters said, “Negro was one of us, one of this family. He was respected and loved. We said goodbye in a very emotional ceremony because we were saying goodbye to one of our own, who was an important part of this company.”

Negro’s Farewell

Nego had a wonderful ceremony. He was carried in a beautiful white casket by his fellow firefighters. The rest of the team stood in a line, saluting as the firefighters walked by with the casket. It was a beautiful yet somber moment.

Negro’s Burial

Negro wasn’t cremated like most pets. He was buried in a plot close to the firehouse. His grave was marked, and the firefighters planted a tree nearby in his honor. Having Negro so close made the firefighters feel closer to him. It also gave them a chance to visit his grave often. He was a member of the team and deserved such a great honor.

Negro’s Plaque

Hanging in the firehouse today is a photo of Negro. It reads, “In memory of our Negro. Faithful pet, friend, and protector.” The fire chief says that each time a call comes in, the firefighters kiss their hands and touch Negro’s picture. They do this because they know that he is still with them when they risk their lives going into burning buildings.

A New Dog?

People ask the firefighters if they will be getting a new fire dog. Most say that they will, but right now, it is too soon. The team needs time to grieve for their fallen friend. They know the benefits of having a fire dog at the station, so eventually, they will bring a new puppy in to take over where Negro left off. Most of the firefighters are sure that Negro would want another dog to come in and care for the firefighters the way that he did.

A Sad Day

Losing Nego was one of the saddest days at the fire station. They are just happy that they gave him a proper sendoff. They will never forget their friend. These firefighters give the sweetest farewell to their beloved firehouse dog. It was a beautiful thing that they did for a dog who was so incredibly important to them.


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