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Great Ideas To Hide Money In Your Home

Great Ideas To Hide Money In Your Home

#1 At the Bottom of the Toy Box

If you have small children, chances are they have a toy box. If you have money that you need to hide, you can put it in an envelope and tape it to the bottom of the toy box. The kids will never get to it because their toy box is likely too heavy for them to flip over. If there was a break in at your home, the last place a thief would look is under the toy box. If you are going to need to get to the money often, this might not be the best idea.

#2 In An Empty Aspirin Bottle

A great place to hide money is in an empty aspirin bottle. All you need to do is roll up the money, tie it up with an elastic, and put it into the pill bottle. If you are going to use a pill bottle, you should never use a prescription bottle. Many thieves will go through a person’s medicine cabinet to see if there are any prescription narcotics that they can sell. If this happens, your money will be found instantly. It is best to use an over the counter medication that wouldn’t be worth anything on the street.

#3 In a Book

A great place to hide money is in between the pages of a book on your bookshelf. Most thieves aren’t going to steal books. Unless you have a library full of first editions, you money should be safe between the pages of a book. If you are going to hide your money in a book, just be sure you don’t forget which book it is in and don’t donate the book or lend it to a friend. If you do, you could lose your money forever. If you are planning to hide a lot of money and few valuables, you can use a box cutter and cut a hole in the pages of the book to fit everything that you need to hide.

#4 Under Your Cat’s Litter Box

The cat’s litter box is one of the dirtiest and smelliest items in the home. Even if you clean your cat’s box regularly, it is still pretty nasty. This is why it is the perfect place for hiding money. You can put the money in an envelope and tape it to the bottom of the litter box. If someone were to break into your home, the last thing that they would want to steal is the cat box. Of all the great ideas to hide money in your home, this is one of the best.

#5 Inside a Tennis Ball

You can hide your money inside a tennis ball and it will only cost you a few dollars. You should buy a canister of tennis balls, and take one ball from the canister. Using a knife, cut a hole in one of the balls only large enough so that you can fit the money in. It is best to put the ball with the money at the bottom of the canister and the other two balls on top. If someone was to break into your home, the last place they would look for valuables is inside a tennis ball. (Unless the thief is an avid tennis player).

#6 In a Pocket

A great place to hide money is in the pocket of a shirt that is hanging in your closet. If you are going to do this, make sure that you don’t hide the money in a fur coat or a leather coat. If the piece of clothing is expensive, it could be stolen if there is a break in. You should hide it in the pocket of a simple shirt. Just don’t forget what shirt it is hidden in.

#7 In an Empty Spice Container

Most spice containers are not see thru. If you have an empty spice bottle, it can make a great hiding place for money. Simply wrap the money in an elastic band and put it in the bottle. You can then put the spice bottle back on the spice rack. This is a great way of hiding money in plain sight.

#8 In An Empty Chapstick Tube

If you have used up most of your Chapstick, don’t throw it away. It is a great place to hide money. All you need to do is take out what is left of the Chapstick, and rinse out the tube. You can roll money up and put it inside the empty tube. You won’t be able to hide hundreds of $1 bills, but there would be more than enough space in the tube to hide several $100 dollar bills. You just need to roll them up tightly. Not only is this a good idea for hiding money in the home, it is also a great way to hide money in your purse or in your pocket.

#9 Fake AJAX Bottle

If you are willing to spend a bit of money, you can purchase a fake AJAX bottle. It looks just like the actual powder that you would buy in the store, but it is empty inside. It is weighted to make it feel like it is full of AJAX even though it isn’t. Best of all, it cannot open accidentally. This bottle needs to be unscrewed to get inside of it.

#10 Fake Outlet Wall Safe

This is a wall safe that looks like an ordinary all socket, however, it it actually a place to hide your valuables. It comes with a key to remove the screws to easily get to your belongings. If there was a break in at your home, the thief won’t go around removing all of the switch plates looking for valuables. That would take too much time. This is the perfect place to hide money.

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