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Superhero Gadgets Which Actually Exist

#1 The Myo Gesture Control ArmbandThis gadget made by Thalmic Labs.  You know that there are a few with the power to move things from across the room with simple wave. This gadget makes that possible in the real world. It uses wireless technology and you can turn electronic devices on and off with a simple wave. You can also control drones that fly through the air and control just about any electronic device. It is pretty amazing. It works on Android, iPhone, Windows, and Mac operating systems through a wireless connection. The armband reads your muscle activity to move the objects in the way that you want them to be moved.

#2 KJXR3 Black and Yellow Medium JumpersThese shoes designed by Kangaroo Jumps. When you are wearing the shoes, you look several inches taller. When you jump with the shoes on, they will propel you into the air. And much higher than you could jump on your own. If you are trying to lose weight, these work great. When you are running, you will burn twice as many calories than you would if you weren’t wearing them. If you want to jump through the air like a true superhero, this gadget will help you and they only cost $239.

#3 Seek Thermal Seek Compact XR Extended Range Thermal ImagerThis gadget can used on your Android phone or your iPhone. It actually simulates Superman’s x-ray vision. When hooked up, it allows you to see over 2,000 feet in the dark. The gadget works by using heat signatures that detected in the dark. This gadget can used for tracking game and hunting at night or it can used for an extreme game of hide-and-go-seek. The gadget’s advertisement says that it is recommended for homeowners, hikers, hunters, boaters, and campers.

#4 Jetblades Jetblades created by Xjet. If you wanted to fly like Superman, this gadget makes it possible. When you are wearing the pack, you can fly over the water. There is a hose that attaches to the gadget which provides hydropower to keep you flying above the water. If you hit the water, it is a very soft landing thanks to the jets. If you are going to fly like a superhero using this gadget, you better ready to spend a good deal of money. The total price for everything that you will need is over $6,000.

#5 Zap Self Defense Cane With FlashlightIf you want to be able to defend yourself during an attack like a superhero, you should check out this gadget. It looks like an average cane that is capable of holding up anyone who is 250 pounds or less. The heights adjust so that you can size it to fit your own height. What makes this cane so special is that It can turn into a flashlight if you need to see in the dark. If you are attacked, it works like a stun gun. It will send one million volts of electricity to your attacker but knocking them down instantly, giving you the chance to get away. Thanks to this gadget, you can fight off a violent attacker just like a superhero.

#6 Amphibious Sub-Surface WatercraftIf you ever wanted to glide through the water like Aquaman, this is the gadget for you. It has a two-person cockpit and it is a partially submersible watercraft. You can go partially under the water and you will have 180 degrees of sight. The watercraft can to up to 6 knots when it is going forward and 4 knots in reverse. It can make a 360-degree turn and it can be used on land as well. If you are thinking about purchasing one of these, you better have a lot of money. The average cost of this watercraft is $300,000.

#7 Mengshen Highly Sensitive Mini Spy MicrophoneSuperman could hear Lois Lane calling out to him from miles and miles away thanks to his super hearing ability. If you want to hear like this as well, you need this little gadget. You might not be able to hear people miles away, however, it will let you clearly hear what is happening through the walls. If you want to know what other people are planning or if they are plotting against you, you should buy this little gadget. Best of all, it costs only $13.99.

#8 The Rocket BeltIf you have ever wanted to fly through the air, the Tam company can help you do it. They are the only company in the world that makes custom rocket belts. When you put the Rocket Belt on, you can fly over the land or the water. If you want to be able to fly through the air, you better have a lot of money. The company doesn’t post their prices online because each belt is custom made and the price varies depending on who is ordering it. To give you an idea of the cost, the first Rocket Belt sold in 1960 for a whopping $380,000.

#9 Iron Man’s ExoskeletonIron Man wears a suit that makes him jump higher, run faster, and hit harder. The military created something very similar. Whatever movements a soldier is making, the exoskeleton amplifies it. The suit even makes it possible to fly and the suit is equipped with shotguns, making it the perfect military tool.

#10 The Gecko GloveThe Gecko Glove contains a pad with 24 tiles of synthetic adhesive which makes it possible to climb the walls with your hands. If you have ever wanted to be like Spiderman, you will love these gloves. This is one of the most amazing superhero gadgets which actually exist.

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