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7 Technology From ‘The Jetsons’ That Actually Exist Today

7 Technology From "The Jetsons" That Actually Exist Today

#1 VideophonesOf the 7 Technology From ‘The Jetsons’ That Actually Exist Today, this is the most popular. If you ever watched The Jetsons, you would know that they didn’t have traditional telephones. When someone would make a call, the person’s image would appear on screen as if they were talking in person. Back then, people thought it would be a great idea except when Jane Jetson answered the phone. She would worry about her hair and the person on the other end seeing it. Luckily, she had a hairstyling device to do her hair in seconds. Back then, we had no idea that one day we would really be using apps like Skype and FaceTime to talk to each other face to face using a computer or a phone. There are even some people who never use the traditional phone anymore and every call they make is through FaceTime.

#2 Robotic AssistanceRosie the maid was one of the most popular characters on The Jetsons. She was a walking and talking robot who took care of all of the housework, she made lunches for the kids, and she answered the door and the telephone. She even pitched in to help take care of Astro, the dog. Unfortunately, we don’t have Rosie’s level of technology yet, however, we do have the Roomba. It is a robot vacuum cleaner that moves around your house on its own. It is also smart. It knows not to try to go down stairs and it avoids walls. The Roomba can be set on a timer so that it starts vacuuming on its own at a certain time of day. When it is finished cleaning the home, it will return to its charging dock. There is even a version of the Roomba that will cut your grass. Thanks to this invention, homeowners don’t need to spend their Saturday afternoons cutting the grass. They can let the robot do it for them. Hopefully, someday, we will have a Rosie available to us. It will give us much more free time than we have today.

#3 DronesWhen the Jetson’s kids, Judy and Elroy went to school, a flying personal pod would come and pick them up. Today, we have drones. Drones can be used for plenty of things. People use drones to take photos from high above. We also use them to take videos. Drones are often used in television and film today. Recently, we have even been using drones to deliver packages. So far, we don’t have drones to carry people around. Considering how fast technology is growing, it is only a matter of time. In just a few short years, we could be watching drones pick our kids up for school.

#4 3D Printed FoodWhen Jane Jetson wanted to make dinner for her family, she would press a button and the food would pop right out. In the Jetson times, anyone could be a good cook. As long as you could push a few buttons, you could feed your family a 4 course, gourmet meal. In 2017, 3D printers started being used more than ever. These printers are used to make dental braces, cars, and even human body parts. They are also used to make food. There are 3D printers on the market that will let you print your food on demand. Whether you want a piece of chocolate, a spoonful of Nutella, or a bowl of cookie dough ice cream, you can get it with just the push of a button. Finally, we can all cook just like Jane Jetson.

#5 SmartwatchesThe adults on The Jetsons wore watches that incorporated video. They could talk to someone on their watch and do a variety of other things right from their wrists. Today, thanks to the Apple Watch and the FitBit, we can make calls, receive texts, use maps, and track our sleep and fitness using a simple piece of jewelry that we wear on our wrists. Back when people were watching new episodes of The Jetsons, they never expected to have devices such as these. We didn’t even have watches with alarms on them back then. Technology really has come pretty far.

#6 Treadmills For DogsWhen The Jetsons wanted to take their dog, Astro for a walk, they didn’t need to put on their walking shoes. They would simply put him on the deck attached to their house in the sky and press a button. Astro would spend his time walking on a treadmill and he didn’t need to bother George or Jane to take him for a walk. Today, they make treadmills for dogs just like the ones that they make for humans. We never expected that this type of luxury would be real when we first saw Astro walking on his.

#7 JetpacksPeople didn’t walk around on The Jetsons because everything was so high up off the ground. Some people used cars that folded up so small that they could fit in their pockets. Others used jetpacks to travel around. Today, there are startup companies such as AquaFlyer, Jet Pack International, and Martin JetPack who are working to make traveling by jetpack a true reality. This will change the way that people travel from place to place. So far, they have made it possible to fly over large bodies of water using a special device.

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