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The Police Couldn’t Explain This Farmer’s Discovery

Jose Antonio Nievas

Jose Antonio Nievas is a farmer in Argentina. On Christmas morning in 2015, he decided to take a walk around his ranch to reflect on the year. As he was walking past a stream on the property, he saw something highly unusual. There was a very large, rounded stone sticking out of the bank on the stream. This piqued his curiosity. When he went to check it out, it discovered that it wasn’t a stone at all. He tried to remove the stone from the mud so that he could get a closer look to figure out what it really was. He decided to bring his wife, Reina to the object, hoping that she could figure out what it was. The couple was cleaning the object and finally decided to call the police. They needed the authorities to help them figure out what it was.

A Clue

The police didn’t know what the object was. The police couldn’t explain this farmer’s discovery. When word got out, many of the locals showed up on the ranch to catch a glimpse of the strange object. Fortunately, there was a dog on the scene who offered the first big clue. It wasn’t a police dog. It was Jose’s dog that found the clue. He started sniffing, barking, and getting closer to the mysterious object. The dog’s reaction told everyone there that the object was something important.

Local Archaeologists

The police realized that they needed more help. They called in two local archaeologists, hoping that they could figure out what the giant object was. The experts decided that they would need to run tests on the object, so they made plans to have it transported to a lab. As they were digging the object out of the mud, they realized that it was an egg made out of a hard material. Because of its enormous size, it was challenging to transport the object. When they finally got the object to the lab, the archaeologists discovered that it was a fossil from an extremely large turtle. As if this weren’t strange enough, Another discovery was made at the same time, on the other side of the world.

The Monster In Michigan

While experts were trying to figure out what the object in Argentina was, a farmer named James Bristle from a small town in Michigan, discovered his prehistoric beast on his farm. The two were found at the same time. The two farmers didn’t know each other, and they weren’t unaware of what was happening on the other’s farm. James was trying to find a place for a natural gas line on his farm. He barely used his soy field, and she started digging. Using a backhoe, he started digging. He wanted to finish by October before the snow came. When the backhoe hit something hard in the field, he was surprised. He began to dig with his hands and felt something hard and smooth, but he knew it wasn’t a tree or a stone. As he dug, he pulled up a bone that looked like the rib bone from a huge animal. It was too big to be a cow or a horse.

Back In Argentina

While James was trying to figure out what was on his farm, a significant discovery was made on the Argentinean discovery. The archaeologists discovered that Jose found a fossilized shell of a glyptodon, which is an armadillo-like animal that wandered the Earth with the dinosaurs. Back in Michigan, James found a second bone. This one was much longer than the first. Brian tunneled 10-feet down into the ground and was once a standard trench for a gas line became an archaeological site. The news of the find soon hit the major news outlets. People in town began showing up at James’ farm to see the bones for themselves.


The digging continued on James’ farm, and they discovered a skull with tusks as long as a man connected to it. James decided to reach out to Professor Daniel Fisher from the University of Michigan for help. He was the university’s director of paleontology. When he got the call, he gathered a few students, and they headed to James’ farm. Daniel believed that the skull belonged to a wooly mammoth. He was amazed that the remains were fully intact. To get the skull out intact, they used an excavator and straps.

The Argentina Discovery

The archaeologists discovered that the animal inside the shell was gone, and the shell got stuck during a storm. They believe that it was there for thousands of years.

the Michigan Discovery

Daniel believes that the mammoth found on James’ farm was hunted, and put in the ground to store the meat. James had no use for the bones, so he donated them to the university’s gallery.

Just a Coincidence

According to experts, the fact that Jose and James both found prehistoric remains at the same time, across the world from one another was just a coincidence.

Hidden Secrets

These two finds are proof that there are hidden secrets in the world just waiting to be discovered. We have no idea how many other things from the past are out there waiting to be found.

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